The Agular CMS for St Vincent de Paul
Volunteers are the heart of any charitable organization - and getting them up to speed on the right way to do things can be time consuming. That's why we've recorded a number of on-demand training videos that not only show the best way to use the CMS itself, but also to help encourage best practices. Hopefully these will make some of the organizational veterans feel comfortable with the tools - at the same time inspiring the new users with some of the possibilities the software creates.

Our work designing the software has given us a lot of exposure to how Vincentians do their various jobs - afterall there's no way we could build some of the complex conditional process analysis material if we were not intimately familiar with the way things need to go for a conference to run smoothly. In these videos we'll show you how to get the most from the product.

Other videos will be added regularly - so feel free to collaborate with us on the topics of the next videos.
Bi-Monthly Online Sessions
As a service to the community and to help conferences deal with the nature of turnover in the vincentian population, Agular hosts a training session dedicated to answering questions. We'll try to deliver as much training material as possible to reduce the need for them - but there are times when you need to talk to the guys that made the software.

We use the video conferencing tool Join Me to allow Vincentians to remotely view training and demo sessions. The sessions feature a conference line and dont require any special downloaded software - just visit the provided link and watch the remote desktop of a developer there to answer your questions and help you with your issues.

We change the times and days of the week for these sessions to increase the likelihood of having a session that works for you. The Google form sign-up link to the right provides details for the next session - but if you have scheduling conflicts contact your account manager and we'll try to adjust the timing for the next session to accommodate the needs of as many as possible.

Use this link to find the date and register for the next session. We will send you a link to the session and supply you with the conference number so you can call in.

For instructions on using Join Me visit the Join Me Quick Start Instructions or consult the instructions in the CMS User Guide.
Personalized Remote Training
If the training videos and the support sessions arent enough - and a number of Vincentians in your deployment are in need of additional personalized training, Agular offers this as well. Often, we perform these sessions at the very start of an engagement with a focus on 'train the trainer' - but if larger groups simply need a bit more time with Agular team members to build greater confidence in the system then let us know.

These additional individualized training sessions work better with a fixed agenda, or with a greater understanding of exactly what sorts of aspects of the Agular CMS should be covered. Please contact for more information and pricing.
User Interface Basics
A short session detailing the ins and outs of using the flash-based UI

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